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On CLASSIC & SPORTS CAR – May 2021 the interview with Giacomo Alessandrin.

Classic & Sports Car interviews our Giacomo Alessandrin on the highlights of his work experience and his passions related to vintage cars.

Will Buxton

When Will Buxton came to visit us

Will Buxton is a British Formula 1 journalist and presenter.

In 2013, together with his friend and producer Jason Swales, he made a film entitled “Road to Ferrari” in which, with a Ferrari they left Hungary to get to Maranello.

During this trip Will Buxton and Jason Swales stopped to visit Carrozzeria Franco.

Really honored and with a little pride we propose the cutted version that concerns Carrozzeria Franco.

You can see the entire movie at this link :  Road to Ferrari

On RUOTECLASSICHE they’re talking about Carrozzeria Franco

RCL lug 2019, pagg.44 e seggRCL lug 2019, pagg.44 e segg1.1

swipe the middle bar to see before and after

To celebrate the anniversary of the Jaguar E Type

Ruote Classiche has dedicated the 2021 calendar to this timeless legend. Within the calendar, among the various spectacular photos, there is a 1962 Jaguar E Type whose body has been completely restored here at Carrozzeria Franco. You can see it before the restoration, in the photo of April and after the restoration, in the photo of May. We thank the editorial staff of Ruote Classiche for their availability and collaboration.

RUOTE CLASSICHE calendar 2021

Ruote Classiche

Ruote Classiche has also dedicated an article to the history of this dream car.

The article, in the July 2019 issue, they also talk about  the complete restoration of the body made by Carrozzeria Franco and of which you can see some phases of the processing inside the body shop.