BEFORE WORKING ON YOUR CAR we want to be sure of one thing:

that you love them as much as we do


Welcome to the Carrozzeria Franco where since more than forty years we are truly passionate about vintage cars

A vintage car is a masterpiece destined to make history, not only of car making but also of project and design.
Jaguar, Austin Healey, MG are just some of the legendary brands we deal with.
Every detail is carefully studied and worked by us, a state-of-the-art job.
Because this is what it’s all about: a work of art designed by real masters deserves masters of art to touch it.
You have to be passionate and experienced to preserve the value of that work of art, and here at Carrozzeria Franco we put all our experience and professionalism on each of them.

When you look at one of our vintage cars you always see two things: the genius of those who built a dream car and the art of those who revive that dream every day.


Inspection, valuation and advice


Maintenance and Repair

Short and long term storage

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